Yesterday afternoon, September 24, about twenty radish growers and a cultivation adviser met in the garden of Jaco and Jolanda de Zeeuw in 's-Gravenzande. The sun shined and the mood was relaxed: it was obvious the group has met before. It was time to catch up, and especially to examine the winter variety test of Syngenta. 

A successful afternoon in the garden of family De Zeeuw 

Johan van Antwerpen, Syngenta, initiator of this afternoon: "I want to show that Donar, a breed that has been around for years, can mean much more to a grower. It is a valuable addition to the winter variety assortment with a high quality end product." In the test the Donar is extensively compared to other (reference) varieties: crop, coarseness, inner quality, color, and availability. The variety stands its ground. Johan: "even though the seeding date for this test is not ideal: the varieties have seen high temperatures and have been in the ground for a bit too long, until today, for the judging."

Johan shows different varieties

Particularly in the seeding periods between September 22 and November 1, and between January 1 and January 20, the Donar can be used with good results. The breed is suited for autumn, winter, and early spring cultivation, and is characterized by its tuber uniformity and beautiful color. Moreover, it distinguishes itself by a good mildew tolerance. Jaco and Jolanda de Zeeuw have the Donar standard in their assortment and keeps on supplying beautiful radishes.

"The Donar is not yet through"

"We have had a few challenges in the past with seed quality, but that is history. Donar is available to everyone as a reliable winter variety." Mission accomplished for Johan.

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