Recently, Bagioni Technology has filed a patent for the use of lithium batteries in asparagus farming. The patented system reduces the ampere consumption. In this way, even the agricultural equipment can utilize lithium batteries.

This brings many benefits, such as zero maintenance, a weight three times lower, a greater efficiency, a 10-year duration and lower costs.

Aurenzo Bagioni explains, “Usually, lithium batteries are not used for machines like ours in agriculture. We were able to overcome the technical limitations thanks to our patent. A machine for asparagus is not a cell phone, so to say.”

The batteries are wide-voltage and reduce the ampere consumption. They are made specifically for Biagioni and they must be ordered on time. This technology is especially useful for those companies that have several machines and spend a lot of time and money for the maintenance of lead accumulators. Lithium batteries do not require maintenance or any particular checks.

Biagioni concludes, “Even our previous machines with lead batteries can be updated with the lithium ones – plus the regulator. The new machines are already manufactured with the new kit. We patented our regulation system because there is not something similar in the world.”

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