Did you know that you can choose between a self-adjustable and an automatic ventilation temperature band in your ventilation control? This way you can have a fully automatic pre-control regarding changing outside conditions. All you need to do is to put the ventilation band to automatic. The result is that at colder outdoor conditions, higher wind speed, and lower radiation, the ventilation temperature band will be automatically increased.

Conversely, on warm, sheltered sunny days, the greenhouse is quickly and decisively being ventilated. The result is a stable and energy efficient greenhouse climate throughout the different seasons. The predominance of growers prefer the automatic control, which objectively and effectively anticipates changing outdoor conditions.

A recommended value for this setting to start at is 50. Would you like extra rapid ventilation? You can always increase this value per period. For additional information you can find detailed descriptions in the help screens.

More information? http://www.hoogendoorn.nl/en/