Hoogendoorn introduces a new flexible alarm module for process computers that customers can program according to their wishes. Growers now have the option to choose certain periods, e.g. during day time or only in case of certain set point deviations. In addition, the alarm module can capture additional calculations, including the difference between calculated and measured values of multiple aspirator boxes.

Standardized alarms notify growers during night time, weekends and holidays, even when immediate action is not necessary. The new Custom Alarm module of Hoogendoorn allows growers to set their own alarms, periods and conditions for their process computer. Also, alarm notifications are even more accurate thanks to additional calculations in the iSii software.

Alarm notifications at set times

In case an external alarm is given at night on the UV sterilizer, an installer needs to be called to fix failures. However, during night time installers aren’t available to solve issues. With the Hoogendoorn Custom Alarm growers can switch off alarms during night time and activate these in the morning at preferred times. Besides this, alarms can be postponed. This way, growers will only be notified when deviations last for a certain period and not in case of small fluctuations.

Variable alarm limitations per period

The alarm module provides the possibility to actively inform growers on different limitations in multiple periods. For instance, this is important for growers that use weight scales and use set points conditions to the slab weight during different time frames. The conditions for the slab weight during day time (saturation) differ from the slab weight at night (sintering). When the slab weight is incorrect, the grower receives an alarm on his phone. This means he doesn’t need to consult his graphs all the time.

Additional alarm calculations

The use of multiple aspirator boxes at larger greenhouse sections provides insight into the difference of climate conditions, necessary to control heating and ventilation. The new alarm module allows growers to activate an alarm when the difference of measured values among multiple aspirator boxes is too large. For example, an alarm is activated in case the values for greenhouse temperature deviate from a set point over a period of 15 minutes.

Free alarm module with new iSii or update

Growers will only be alerted at self chosen deviations in set points, for example during fluctuations that exceed 10% or more or 2 ºC or more. Detailed alarm notifications are send to a pc, tablet or smart phone. The Custom Alarm is included in a new iSii computer. Current users can obtain the alarm module for free with the latest update.

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