Arrigoni SpA, leading company in the production of nets and fabrics for agriculture, put to use its knowledge and experience to solve some of the problems of winter crops. Unfavourable conditions such as temperature changes, frost and cold winds are in fact responsible for considerable losses of produce, so much so that covers are needed.

The answer to this problem is Arricover, an innovative thick and transparent fabric suitable for the protection of open field crops in winter.

Microscopic view of Arricover fabric.

First of all, it is transparent, so light passes through easily in winter. In addition, its thick weave prevents insects such as lepidoptera and flies from laying on crops and its porosity favours the vaporisation of excess water, thus avoiding water stagnation.

From a practical point of view, it is very light and soft (so it can be laid on crops without the need for supports), robust (i.e. it resists against strong winds and it lasts for a very long time (reducing operating and disposal costs). It has been proven that Arricover lasts longer than 5 years.

Arricover on melon crops in spring-summer.

Defined as the“bio-climatic shield for crop protection”, Arricover is available in various widths (2 to 24 m) and is suitable not only for protected crops but also for open field ones as an alternative to non-woven fabric. So far, results were excellent both on spring-summer crops such as melon, watermelon, red chicory, tomato, pepper and strawberry as well as autumn-winter crops like leek cabbage, beet, seed beetroot, salad and parsley.

Arricover on watermelon crops in spring-summer.

Results are particularly interesting on beetroot crops, as the cover not only protected plants from frost, but studies have shown how, the second year, plants were stronger, healthier and more productive.

Arricover on beetroot crop in autumn-winter

The fact that it is very practical means it can be easily laid on crops without the need for machinery and it can even be used on poly-tunnels, where it can be lowered/lifted as necessary (summer storms, light hailstorms, dew and pollination). And there is more, as Arricover can be used for multiple cycles and it is completely recyclable. This is why it is becoming increasingly popular, so much so that last year the company exported over 6 million square metres to Europe and North America.

Shielding, transparent, light, soft and long-lasting - Arricover will be showcased at Macfrut 2014 with the whole range of Arrigoni products. Export manager Patrizia Giuliani, agronomist Giuseppe Netti and agricultural manager Aldo Maggi will welcome guests at the Arrigoni stand, stand 59-60, pavillion G.

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