ADAMA, a crop protection company, was recently recognized for its innovative Araddo herbicide, winning the award for Best Formulation Innovation at this year’s IHS Markit Crop Science Forum and Awards. The news comes as ADAMA registers Araddo for sales in Paraguay and plans to expand into additional markets across Latin America following its successful 2021 launch in Brazil.

“We are thrilled to be recognized for our groundbreaking Araddo, which is the first to combine ACC’ase Inhibition and Auxin herbicidal modes of action, overcoming the chemical degradation between the two active ingredients. Our focus on formulation technologies enables us to bring differentiation to our portfolio and add value to the farmers,” said Alexandre Pires, Head of Marketing of ADAMA Brazil. “In just a single application, farmers can control grasses and broad leaf weeds, which was not possible with prior technologies.”

Farmers in Latin America are increasingly concerned about the spread of three weeds – Conyza, Sourgrass, and Goosegrass – which are advancing across agricultural areas and showing signs of resistance to glyphosate and other herbicides. Araddo, a pre-crop, burndown dual-mode herbicide, effectively controls grasses and broadleaf weeds such as these and helps overcome the growing resistance problem. This innovative mixture of soybean, corn, and wheat crops, enables farmers in Brazil and now Paraguay to achieve higher crop yields.

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