Visitors of the farmer's markets in Costa Rica will have to bring a little extra money if they're looking for tomatoes this weekend. The price of a kilo of tomato has increased by up to 38% from last week, according to the study carried out by the Consejo Nacional de la Producción (CNP) – National Production Council.

At the same time, the cost of chili dulce (peppers), carrots, bananas, lettuce 'americana,' and potatoes also rose up to 13% in the last week.

Edwin Vargas, President of the Presidente de la Junta Nacional de Ferias (National Board of Fairs), referred to the factors that influence the behavior of prices. Vargas said that the price will continue to rise for the rest of the year. The foods that most fell in price at the farmer's fairs were the national Hass-type avocado, yellow onion, and plantain.