The European pepper market is dominated by Spanish pepper. Every campaign, Spanish pepper sales gain more and more ground on the product from the Netherlands, but Morocco is gaining ground by reducing the difference in sales.

Of these three countries, the Netherlands achieved the highest average price in this last campaign with € 1.95/kg, followed by Spain with € 1.71/kg. Meanwhile, the pepper arriving from Morocco was sold at an average price of € 1.08/kg, according to data from Euroestacom (Icex-Eurostat) for the period between September 1 and August 31 of the 2021/2022 campaign.

In this campaign, Spanish pepper sales accounted for 45.01% of all pepper sales to the EU, with 607.22 million kilos at € 1.71/kg. It was followed by the Netherlands with a 19.63% share of 264.77 million kilos and € 1.95/kg, Morocco with 139.41 million kilos at € 1.08/kg, accounting for a 10.33% share, and Turkey, a country that this campaign generated 85 alerts for excess pesticides in the peppers it sent to the EU, with 100.24 million kilos, at 1.37 euros per kilo, and a 7.43% share of the market.

Even though Spanish pepper sales in the EU Member States have been increasing year after year, last year they fell by 5.68%, while peppers from Morocco are becoming increasingly important on the EU market. The gap between Spanish and Moroccan sales has fallen from 517.23% in 2012/2013 to 335.57% in 2021/2022.

Meanwhile, the gap between Spanish and Dutch pepper sales in the EU has increased in favor of Spain, going from 48.99% in 2012/2013 to 129.34% in the campaign that ended.

In the last marketing year, the EU purchased a total of 1,349.02 million kilos of pepper for 2,233.16 million euros and an average price of € 1.65/kg.

Spain, the world's largest supplier of pepper to the EU, sold 607.22 million kilos in EU territory for 1,039.31 million euros at an average price of € 1.71/kg.

The Netherlands was second with 264.77 million kilos (less than half the volume of Spain) worth 516.75 million euros and an average price of 1.95 euros per kilo.

It was followed by Morocco with 139.41 million kilos worth 150.8 million euros and an average price of € 1.08/kg.

Turkey ranked fourth with 100.24 million kilos, 137.31 million euros, and an average price of € 1.37/kg.

Germany ranks fifth with 52.66 million kilos, 120.55 million euros, and an average price of € 2.29/kg.