Biotalys and Novozymes announced the successful outcome of the feasibility study for Evoca, Biotalys’ first proprietary biocontrol product candidate. Novozymes obtained proof of concept for a new manufacturing process that offers potential significant cost of goods and scaling advantages, thereby broadening the commercial potential of Evoca as a novel biofungicide.

“Thanks to its protein fermentation expertise, Novozymes has been able to further increase the efficiency of production for Evoca,” said Patrice Sellès, the CEO of Biotalys. “We will now work on a deeper partnership with Novozymes and explore strategic supply and commercialization agreements for the future generation of Evoca while continuing our ongoing internal development activities.”

Evoca is Biotalys’ first innovative protein-based biofungicide developed on the company’s AGROBODY Foundry platform. This technology platform allows Biotalys to discover and develop novel biological food protection solutions that combine high efficacy, consistency, and safety with new modes of action to fight resistance. Evoca helps sustainably control economically important fungal diseases such as Botrytis and powdery mildew in fruits and vegetables. Demonstrating strong performance across more than 600 independent and company-driven field and greenhouse trials across multiple regions, pathogens, and crops, Evoca is expected to obtain approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in early 2023.

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