A few days ago, the blueberry planting industry project, with a total investment of about 120 million RMB, started construction in Jingui Village, Futian Town. The first phase of over 56 hectares is expected to be completed by the end of the year, and the second phase of over 13 hectares will be completed next year.

Blueberries are rich in a variety of vitamins and nutritional values and can be used as raw materials for processing jams and juices, with high economic value and development prospects. Renhe District took advantage of its own superior resource conditions to introduce a blueberry project in Jingui Village, Futian Town, to adjust the low-yield mangoes to the blueberry industry and to promote the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural industry. The project adopts highly standardized soilless cultivation technology, combined with modern agricultural greenhouses, precision water and fertilizer integrated systems, and intelligent Internet of Things systems.

Li Song, General Manager of Southwest Region of Ziyue Group: Our irrigation system adopts dripping technology from Israel, which can meet the different needs of each seedling and make the seedlings grow better. In the later stage, a deep processing factory will be built to drive the development of the entire local blueberry industry chain. After the project is completed, it will generate benefits in 2-3 years, with an estimated yield of 22,500 kg per hectare and an annual output of 980,000 kg.

Source: rhqxcb