The Hishtil Group is pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of HTF Holding, implemented as part of a strategic plan to expand Hishtil's lucrative nursery operations in Turkey. HTF is a vegetable plant nursery in Turkey.

The acquisition is made as part of a multi-year plan to further develop the activity of grafted vegetable seedlings in the Turkish market and to enter yet other young plant propagation activities in which Hishtil Group is engaged. In addition, the company plans to expand its export activities of vegetable and herb seedlings from Turkey to other various countries.

HTF activities are managed by Mr. Lutfu Sav and employ some 400 employees. The company owns 6.0 hectares of advanced production greenhouses in Antalya and 3.0 hectares of advanced greenhouses in Adana. The total annual production is over 150 m seedlings, including over 25 m of grafted seedlings. 

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