The publication of the new Fenix catalog, anticipates celebrations for the 10th year anniversary of the Sicilian seed company which comes with important news for the new year. The company based in Catania got the green light from Suolo e Salute, an Italian entity that deals with controls and certifications in the organic field, allowing Fenix the distribution of different certified organic species and varieties including the full range of basil.

Resistant basils and short-day onion
During these 10 years, Fenix aimed to an increasingly expanding crop on an international level, and thanks to the cooperation with the Israeli research, the company can show a wide range of basil hybrids today, which are characterized by Fusarium and Peronospora resistances. Many other hybrids join this range, featuring precious characteristics like handling, cold temperatures, and bolting resistance. Another update, which is available for a few months already, is the possibility to request multisem seeds.

Onion is the new species joining the catalog, with yellow and golden short-day varieties that seem to perform like the earliest in the world. They show white, thick, and very sweet bulb coats. We are talking of very homogeneous hybrids with strong dark-green foliage that suits very well for both fresh consumption and storage. By browsing the catalog, it is possible to find out all characteristics. Between the new season items, you can find the mini-watermelon FX 1468, very sweet with a high yield.

Tomatoes and rootstocks, the added value of Fenix
The larger chapter, which is the most important historically, is about tomatoes. The Sicilian company is one of the Italian market leaders in the mini-plum/grape tomatoes; indeed, two important varieties are introduced: FX 1597 F1, a mini-plum belonging to the Miele typology whose name will be revealed during the first months of the year. This item keeps all the good features of Miele like sweetness and cracking resistance improving the color and yield; the second variety is FX 1628 F1, a very sweet, short-size mini-plum for the summer.

Even in the cherry space, we can find two new items: FX 2047 F1 and FX 2048 F1, both for the Autumn-Winter cycle. The first one shows a high sugar degree, while the second one presents a bright peel. Further new items are FX 1660 F1, which is part of the elongated category; and FX 1459 F1, which belongs to the ox’ heart variety.

Eventually, rootstocks for professional horticultural plants: the crown jewel of the company. These improve the yield capacity of the plant, thus meeting the most diverse needs. Today, grafting is an increasingly used practice in the horticultural sector, becoming the solution to several issues about the development, vigor, and yield of plants.

Fenix’ range is set in a continuous developing phase, suiting well with many different types of soil and horticultural species.

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