Square Roots, a technology-enabled indoor farming company, debuted a new brand identity representing the company’s mission to responsibly bring locally grown food to consumers year round. Square Roots’ re-imagined branding will start appearing on retail shelves, in-store signage, social media, website and more beginning this month.

Square Roots has re-imagined branding that will start appearing on retail shelves, in-store signage and more this month. 

“Consumers are increasingly demanding fresh, locally grown food at their grocery store,” said Tobias Peggs, co-founder and CEO at Square Roots. “Our brand identity clearly emphasizes that Square Roots meets those needs.”

For the company’s newly designed packaging, its vertical label orientation serves as a nod to Square Roots’ beginnings in vertical farming. The thinner label format showcases more of the company’s product with a clear, bold type hierarchy. And all of the company’s produce is 100 percent traceable with a scannable QR code on every package, allowing consumers to see how, where and who grew their greens.

To meet rising demand for local, fresh foods, throughout 2021, Square Roots has launched new salad mixes and an expanded herbs range. All Square Roots produce has at least 14 days of extended shelf life, is free of pesticides and GMOs and locally grown in the company’s climate-controlled indoor farms.Throughout 2021, Square Roots launched new salad mixes and an expanded herbs range.

Fresh greens include:

  • Basil: Square Roots Basil can be used as a garnish or added during cooking to add flavor to dishes.
  • Cilantro: An aromatic, clean, peppery balancing herb known for its clean flavor. Square Roots Cilantro adds a bright, lemony kick to meals, from fresh salads to classic dips.
  • Dill: Citrusy, feathery and mild, Square Roots Dill brings a slightly sweet zing to dressings and dips.
  • Parsley: Crisp and airy, this subtle green is the ideal garnish for almost every dish.
  • Spring Mix: Refreshing, tender and lively, this mix bursts with the freshly picked taste of kale, mizuna, tatsoi microgreens and crisp baby lettuce leaves.
  • Super Mix: Hearty, leafy and crunchy, the Square Roots Super Mix is a blend of broccoli, kale, cabbage microgreens and crunchy tatsoi leaves.

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