Yesterday, Jeroen Sanders from Vertify, Egon Janssen from TNO, and Annie van der Riet from the Hortivation foundation signed an agreement to work together more intensively. The signing took place during the Future Trends & Innovations event.

Thanks to the collaboration, innovations from TNO and Hortivation can be demonstrated in Vertify's greenhouses at the World Horti Center. One of these innovations is the Hortivation Hub. In this system, greenhouse builders share information in one language.

In the past, all greenhouse builders did this individually. From now on, all companies within the Hortivation Foundation now exchange design and realization data in the Hortivation Hub. Egon Janssen of TNO explained it extensively on GroentenNieuws this summer. And now, there is also a video.

Hortivation has also developed a Hortivation Point. This is a zero point in the greenhouse from which everyone measures distances in the same way. On 12 April 2022, the parties hope to demonstrate this in Vertify's greenhouses in the World Horti Center. In fact, this was already the intention yesterday. Two hundred people had signed up, but COVID, like last year, threw a spanner in the works.

Jeroen Sanders (Vertify), Egon Janssen (TNO) and Annie van de Riet (Hortivation Foundation) Photo: LinkedIn Egon Janssen