The fifth phase of the greenhouse complex by Agrokultura Group has been launched in Kashira, next to Moscow.

“We have launched the fifth phase of the greenhouse complex by Agrokultura Group with an overall acreage of 20 ha. The overall amount of investments in the fifth construction phase amounted to 66 million euro”, said the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow region, Mr. Sergey Voskreensky.

Agrokultura Group is a big horticultural company in the region. They sell tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, eggplants, and strawberries under the Green Standard brand. The greenhouse of 100 ha is located on the territory of Kashira, in the Moscow region.

“The overall production volume amounts to 6080 tons of vegetables and berries, of which tomato and strawberries will amount to 5630 and 450 tons per year respectively”, noted Mr. Sergey Voskreensky. In all, since the beginning of the year, the company has produced over 54 thousand tons of vegetables.

“Currently, the enterprise employs over 1.5 thousand associates. With the launch of the fifth phase, the headcount will be increased to 2000”, added Mr. Sergey Voskreensky.