Landec Corporation, a diversified health and wellness company focused on its growing Lifecore Biomedical business – a fully integrated contract development and manufacturing organization that offers highly differentiated capabilities in the development, fill and finish of complex sterile injectable pharmaceutical products in syringes and vials – has announced that it has completed the sale of its Curation Food’s fresh packaged salads and vegetables business for $73.5 million in cash to Taylor Farms Retail, Inc.

Net proceeds from the transaction will be used to repay borrowings under the Company’s credit facility, which the Company believes will drive significant deleveraging and strengthen the Company’s financial position, allowing management to devote even greater resources and investment to Lifecore.

Dr. Albert Bolles, Chief Executive Officer of Landec Corporation, said: “Closing on this transaction today marks an important milestone in Project SWIFT – the Company’s framework for enhancing the value and performance of the Curation Foods business – and demonstrates ongoing efforts to extract value from our non-core assets and re-orient the Company around our rapidly growing Lifecore Biomedical business."

"We will be deploying the net proceeds from the sale directly toward debt paydown, which will reduce our balance sheet leverage and allow us to channel our resources to more fully support the growth and expansion of the Lifecore Biomedical business. While there’s more work to do, the Company is laser-focused on the business and assets that are growing at a greater rate, produce more attractive margins, and have value that is presently underappreciated. Going forward, we will maintain our continued commitment to maximize the value of our Lifecore and remaining Curation Foods businesses. We are excited about the path ahead.”

Transaction Highlights
The transaction included the sale of all of the assets exclusively associated with Curation Foods’ core fresh vegetable bag, tray, and salad businesses, including its flagship brand Eat Smart, representing revenue of approximately $366 million in the trailing twelve month period ended August 29, 2021. The transaction does not include the Company’s avocado products or technology businesses (Yucatan Foods, O Olive Oil & Vinegar®, and patented BreatheWay® packaging technology), which the Company has retained. The Company also has agreed to provide certain customary transition services to Taylor Farms related to the Business for up to six months, in exchange for a monthly fee.

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