"High-tech automation and Artificial Intelligence are very important for the future of growing in a controlled environment,” says Bert Mucci with Mucci Farms. Earlier this year, the Ontario-based greenhouse company launched ecoation’s OKO Immersive in their Ontario operations. In a video, Bert explains how this new employee looks at IPM, climate strategies, and temperatures. “We can put all anomalies together to make the right decision.”

This year, the OKO platform developed by ecoation has been driving through the Mucci farm greenhouse. The platform is equipped with sensors, cameras, and extensive software to bring growers insights on what is happening in their crop. By combining this with AI insights, it also gives support on how to handle these situations. “We’re not going to make decisions for the growers,” Saber Miresmali with ecoation says. “They’re in charge and make the decisions. We’re simply bringing more precise measurements in a consistent and continuous manner so we can inform their decision.”

As an example, Bert explains how the machine improves their IPM strategy. “We can get to an infestation before it’s a problem, so we don’t have to use pesticides. Thanks to the data, we do not have to use any pesticide products and we can show that we’re 100% biologically controlled.”


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