A recent report from an Australian government department has found that the nation's vegetable produce has a competitive advantage in Taiwan, thanks to the reputation for safe, high-quality food and the ability to offer counter-seasonal supply.

The value of Australian fresh vegetable exports to Taiwan increased 21 percent in 2020–21 compared to the previous 12-month period, according to an Austrade report, demonstrating the growing demand for premium Australian vegetable products in Taiwan. This points to increased opportunities for the Australian industry in future years.

"The Australian vegetable industry has been active in the Taiwanese market for many years, highlighted by the success of the industry to achieve a three-year compounded growth of 11 percent from 2018 to 2020 for fresh vegetable exports," AUSVEG CEO Michael Coote said.

In terms of key produce, the "Insight – Short and medium-term opportunities for vegetable exports to Taiwan" report showed that Onions were up 63 percent, potatoes 19 percent and carrots 144 percent have driven this growth in export value.

"I’d recommend any growers who are looking to explore exporting fresh vegetables to Taiwan to get in touch with AUSVEG," Mr. Coote said. "We have an experienced and dedicated international trade team that can help them navigate the market, provide advice on the specific requirements and expectations of the Taiwanese market, and can connect them with other exporting growers and Taiwanese customers to provide strong industry networks that can be extremely helpful in the exporting process."

In 2020-21, Australia's major vegetable exports to Taiwan were onions ($4.8 million), potatoes ($3.3 million), asparagus ($1.2 million), and carrots ($1 million).

Other factors assisting Australia's exports to Taiwan were the rapid expansion of retail outlets in recent years, which has given consumers greater access to food, and the fact that the country has the second-highest density of convenience stores in the world. In addition, Taiwanese consumers prefer safe, healthy, and convenient food products.

"Australian vegetables are known around the world for their high quality and reliable 52-week supply," Mr. Coote said, "Australian growers have worked for many years to develop good relationships with buyers in Taiwan and to understand the Taiwanese market so that growers can capitalize on the opportunity to supply the market with high-quality produce."

The report noted a water shortage from late 2020 to the first half of 2021 affected Taiwan’s vegetable production, which opened the door to more supply from Australia.

To view the Austrade report click here.

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