"We have been producing and commercializing vegetables for a month - a vast catalog of over 10 products grown in various municipalities in Metaponto by 29 members covering over 200 hectares in total. It's a difficult period for most products, not only because of the price of raw materials, but also because of the weather. Then we also have to deal with the uncertainty and difficulties caused by the pandemic and lack of labor," reports Onofrio Ancona, advisor at OP Ancona, one of the first POs in Basilicata. 

Onofrio Ancona

"We do get requests, but not as lively as they usually are this time of year due to overproduction and the mild weather that hastened harvesting by 15-20 days. At the moment, escarole, cauliflower, broccoli, Savoy cabbage, fennel, parsley, and lettuce are the most demanded. 80% of our produce is destined for European retail chains and wholesale markets, especially German, while the remaining part is sold in various cities in central and northern Italy, from Florence to Udine." 

"Vegetables are available between November and March, and we pay attention not only to where the land is located, but also to alternating crops so as to avoid soil impoverishment and thus phyhtopathological diseases." 

"Thanks to the professionalism of our partners, we have managed to always guarantee continuous supplies of high-quality produce, with an eye to innovation, consumer health, and the environment, ever since the PO was set up in 2005." 

Among the products grown by OP Ancora, there are also citrus fruits, strawberries, stone fruit, figs, persimmons, kiwifruits, watermelons, melons, and potatoes.

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