Lidl and Kaufland are promoting the use of packaging made with locally grown silphie plant fibre. PreZero, the environmental division of Schwarz Group, has spearheaded a sustainable packaging solution developed in partnership with its OutNature brand and packaging expert STI Group.

Through a development partnership with OutNature, STI Group`s in-house materials lab has been exploring the technical properties of silphie material since late 2020. Pioneering tests have examined every facet of its production performance, from printability and varnishability to laminating and die-cutting. Silphie material has proven itself and can now be used in cardboard or corrugated board format for making packaging and displays.

Silphie material is already suitable for direct food contact, while further research into coatings could enhance its barrier properties against water and fats.

STI Group’s strategic approach is centered on sustainable innovation. The company’s Circular Innovation philosophy embraces the testing of renewable new materials such as silphie paper. The company is breaking completely new ground with its customers to bring greater sustainability to the packaging and POS sectors.

Both Lidl and Kaufland are now phasing in the solution for fruits and vegetables, starting with cress.

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