Moslem Naceur recently embarked on a new adventure as the head of the fruit and vegetable department of the new Biocoop store in Thonon-les-Bains. “Following my professional experience at Intermarché, I was contacted by Nicolas and Vincent Quiblier, two young and ambitious brothers motivated to develop organic farming in the Chablais area. Their objective: to promote and enhance local, seasonal, and quality food. They therefore created a new concept of organic stores under the Biocoop brand, which was born in Thonon-les-Bains.”

In this store, priority is given to local producers selling their merchandise at the price they themselves consider to be appropriate. “We do not negotiate prices with our local producers. We want them to get a fair price for their work, even if they are sometimes more expensive than others. It is only when we cannot find the products locally that we extend our perimeter to the whole country or beyond the borders through the purchasing platform. Out of 100 vegetables, 30 are produced within a 20 km radius, 60 come from France and only 10 are imported from abroad. Regarding our fruits, out of the 60 references, 15 are local, 35 are French and 10 are from various other origins. We are able to sell all the volumes from our producers thanks to the network of 750 Biocoop stores.”

Once the fruit and vegetables are in the store, Moslem Naceur and his team are in charge of giving them the best visibility possible thanks to a particularly careful layout. “Fruit and vegetables must be treated like jewels, that’s the key to success. The display in stores is what will make clients want to consume the products, and it is how the work of our producers will be best valued.”

For more information:
Moslem Naceur
Biocoop Thonon-les-Bains
Phone: +33 6 11 90 22 30