An Indian okra exporter has high hopes for the season. Although demand has been average, it is expected to pick up in the upcoming month. There are, however, challenges in finding available cargo bookings, and prices are higher.

As the okra season in India progressed, demand has been rather average, says Manoj Barai, director for MK Exports: “This season’s okra crops are available in good quantities, and demand for the product is increasing. Compared to last year we have good volume available for exports this year. Demand is average, though I expect it to increase starting next month as the winter season already started here, and, as it progresses, there will be a shortage of okra in Europe. The production will be a little lower in India due to the heavy winter, but with better planning, we will have surplus availability for our customers and are looking for new buyers as well.”

The higher freight rates have had an impact on the prices of Okra. “Currently the prices are high compared to last year due to high air freight charges, but we are constantly working to offer the best prices to our customers. The logistic situation is currently not encouraging, as freight charges are still increasing and availability of cargo booking for perishable produce is really difficult nowadays. However, we are hopeful that this situation will definitely improve in the coming months.” Barai concludes.

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