Chill-Chain connects businesses and shippers with haulers specializing in temperature-controlled transport to facilitate the movement of fresh produce and food.

The UK-based digital supply chain management system was established back in 2018, pre-Brexit and pre-pandemic. The company has seen massive growth since then and founder Jack Fleming said they know much more about what they are and what they do now.

“Our technology has come in leaps and bounds in the last few years. We know the value of what we do and we are very transparent in this, which has worked well for us: as the prices for haulage increased, we had no tension with our customers. We can offer 20 different rates with different service levels for our customers who can clearly see where we can add value. We can always find a truck for them.

“It is not the case that there are no lorries or no lorry drivers; they are available, but at a different price than before,” said Jack. “We ask people to look at what they have to transport and ask themselves if it is worth the cost. Using our platform, people can make data-based decisions.”

According to Jack, there are also still far too many empty loads out there, and people are very slow to change this situation.

“In the run-up to Christmas, the trucking situation will inevitably get worse as more people require trucks. It will be the people who can be transparent and forward-thinking who will be least affected. It is also down to relationships and being a good customer or supplier.”

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