The export campaign for aromatic herbs kicked off in the Spanish province of Murcia recently, which is where the country mostly grows them. Their main commercial window goes from late October to the end of April.


"These are products with rising consumption and which are not handled by many marketing companies, due to the challenge posed by their short shelf life," says Rosa Latorre of Difrusol's quality department. "Humidity and temperature parameters must be closely monitored so that the herbs arrive fresh and in perfect condition. These products leave no room for improvisation."


The Murcian company markets vegetables such as peppers, zucchini, eggplant, lettuce, and Chinese cabbage, among others, in winter, as well as the entire range of citrus fruits. "We are always willing to find any product requested by our customers. Our main export markets are in all of Europe, although shipments of aromatic herbs are focused on Eastern countries."


"The business opportunity to work with this kind of products came a year ago, as many of our customers in Eastern Europe were asking for them. These countries, as well as others in central and northern Europe, are traditionally great consumers of fresh herbs. At the same time, they also produce aromatic herbs, although their production ends in autumn with the arrival of cold weather, until well into spring. During these months, we can offer them our products," says Rosa Latorre.

In the summer months, Spanish production drops due to the high temperatures, although this year, the weather conditions in Eastern Europe have led to a notable increase in the importance of these countries. Now prices are more stable because there is enough production available.


Although last year the company marketed only one product in the aromatic herb category, this year they have expanded their portfolio, as well as the number of suppliers and customers in different countries.


"We already work with dill, parsley, cilantro, and mint, as well as chard and spinach, which we categorize as herbs. We pack them in polystyrene boxes containing twenty bunches; twelve in the case of spinach and chard, with a plastic cover with our brand name. Our sales go to European wholesale markets."

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