On 9th November, 2021, Mitsui & Co reached an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of ISI Sementi S.p.A (ISI). 

Founded in 1981, ISI is a vegetable seeds company engaged in research, production, and sales of vegetable seeds. Headquartered in Fidenza, Italy, ISI has long-standing, favorable relationships in over 60 key agricultural countries and a strong footprint in the Mediterranean market, which Mitsui considers to be strategic against the backdrop of its vibrant and integral role in global agriculture, e.g. research and development, talent and the greater food eco-system.

Through this acquisition Mitsui intends to continue to build on ISI's business foundation, namely, to further invest in its research and development programs and recruit more talent. Additionally, Mitsui aims to bring varieties developed by its other group of companies, including Japan Vegetable Seeds, a joint venture with 4 Japanese research based vegetable seed companies, to complement ISI's product portfolio. Furthermore Mitsui will be supporting ISI's growth in international markets by leveraging its global presence and sales channels. 

Angelo Boni and Paolo Boni, the owners of ISI Sementi commented "We identified Mitsui as the ideal company to continue and further develop what ISI has built during the last 40 years. The philosophy and the vision of both companies move in the same direction, and we are convinced the future will be bright and full of opportunities".

Luigi Rossi, General Manager of ISI Sementi said "It is with great enthusiasm that we join the Mitsui Group, certain that it will give us all the support and tools necessary to face the challenges of the future with even greater strength and determination, while preserving the founding values of ISI Sementi that have characterized its first 40 years of history. 

On behalf of all ISI Sementi collaborators, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Boni family, today represented by Angelo and Paolo, who in 1981 started the long journey of ISI, a journey full of successes and important goals that have laid solid foundations for the future and of which we are proud to have been a part."

Shutaro Yoshikawa, General Manager of Mitsuì's Seed Business Department added "ISI's wealth of experience and passion to serve customers on the long-term aligns perfectly with our vision. We're truly humbled by the opportunity and look forward to what we will accomplish together going forward." 

For Mitsui, Nutrition and Agriculture is a business domain with a strategic priority, against the backdrop of the global need for more nutritious food and the increasing pressure for new solutions for farmers. Mitsui regards vegetable seeds as an area which has a long term potential to  grow, with more investment in research and development, and through collaborations across industry and the value-chain; areas which Mitsui intends to support.

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