Sustainable growing practices are becoming increasingly important in the world of agriculture and horticulture. Within school systems, efforts are being made to teach students about growing techniques and sustainability in crop production, especially in more rural areas. Many districts have either already implemented a form of agricultural education or have a plan in place to do so in the future.

One such school is Montgomery Central High School (MCHS), a public school located in Cunningham, Tennessee. To develop the school’s newest program, which focuses on teaching agriculture and growing sustainable produce, MCHS sought out the help of GrowSpan. To accommodate as many students as possible and ensure their program was set up for success years down the road, the school purchased two GrowSpan S2000 Greenhouses. In addition to structures that they could grow in, MCHS also purchased multiple NFT Hydroponic Systems, along with the necessary supplemental growing equipment.                  

“My favorite part is probably getting to see how our labor goes into the reward. We spray and plant the seeds and then get to see the flowers in the later Spring, so we get to see the whole atmosphere of labor and reward.”

Prior to the change in curriculum, many students had not heard of hydroponic growing. With the help of the S2000 Greenhouses and growing equipment, the agricultural program at MCHS has flourished. Students will continue to learn about viable growing techniques and how greenhouses can impact the future of plant and food production.

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