Scottish berry brand AVA Berries has enjoyed a 20% increase in sales for the year. This means the berry specialist sold over 3.6 million punnets of its premium AVA strawberries during this year’s season, up almost 700,000 punnets compared to last year.

The berry brand has praised its growers, retailers, and customers who continue to produce, sell, and consume the award-winning berries by the tonne despite another difficult year under the restrictions of Covid-19. 

The brand focused on delivering a program of media and marketing campaigns to raise awareness among consumers during 2021. This included a partnership with McQueen Dairies that saw Ava do doorstep drops of strawberries with milk during lockdown, a link-up with Edinburgh baker Mademoiselle Macaron to create a luxury strawberry macaron, and a host of partnerships with Scotland’s top food bloggers, who crafted dishes with the delicious berries to inspire Ava fans.

Ava Berries have been bred through the Angus Soft Fruits Breeding Program. They are grown by an exclusive group of growers on the North-East coast of Scotland with flavor, yield, and sustainability in mind, ensuring the best berries are produced every time.

New varieties receive the Ava stamp of approval only if they meet the highest standards in appearance, taste, and juiciness. Jill Witheyman, Head of Marketing at Ava Berries, commented: “We always anticipated these last couple of years would be tougher with people under restrictions and potentially less inclined to explore the supermarket shelves. However, we have been pleasantly surprised to see the love for our strawberries continue to grow. We really do believe Ava Berries are the best on the market and clearly, British consumers agree.

“Next year will see us expand on our marketing campaigns across the UK with some exciting announcements on the horizon, hoping to encourage more people to enjoy the perfect taste of an Ava strawberry.”

Ava Berries are sold in the premium lines of Aldi, Marks and Spencer, Co-op, Morrisons, and Sainsbury’s nationwide.

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