In the Netherlands, Stoffels Foods received the first yellow zucchini of the season from Israel two weeks ago. "This variety's cultivation in Israel has expanded slightly in recent years. My suppliers expect to bring some 120,000 kilos to market," says Patrick Stoffels.

He says that the country's climate is the main distinguishing feature of Israeli zucchini: it lends itself well to zucchini farming. "But they only become profitable once the Dutch and Spanish varieties are done."

"This year's transition from the Dutch to the Israeli season was perfect. Currently, however, there are some Spanish yellow zucchini coming in, which should continue until March. Once the Dutch product starts, we usually go on for another week or two," says Patrick.

He does not think the energy crisis in the Netherlands will lead to more zucchinis entering the country. "We did adjust the volume up slightly, but we expect sales similar to other years. We sell the zucchinis to wholesalers throughout Europe. There isn't a specific country that stands out."

Stoffels Foods packages all its specialties 15 to a box, including the Courgette Fleur from Israel. "But, due to its shelf life, I sell these on pre-order only," Patrick concludes.

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