Data platform 30MHz has raised €6.5 million in a second round of investments from Rubio Impact Ventures, PDENH, Rabo Food & Agri Innovation Fund, SHIFT Invest II, and Het Goeie Grutten Impact Fonds. The money will be used for the growth of the company and to accelerate technological developments.

30MHz gives growers and cultivators around the world insight into the climatic conditions of their crops. The platform interactively analyzes all kinds of information coming from different data sources such as climate computers, sensors, and manual inputs. By visualizing the data and connecting growers, advisors, distributors, and researchers within the platform, the scale-up contributes to growing vegetables, plants, and seeds more effectively, more efficiently, and therefore more sustainably.

Achieving sustainability goals
"Our business model is focused on enabling horticulture to achieve global climate and sustainability goals," said Timo Spruijt, CCO 30MHz.

With the new investment round, the scale-up wants to further expand its role as a connector within this process and the technology of the data platform. Spruijt: "Our focus is on facilitating a high-quality infrastructure. Our strength lies in the reliability and continuity of the data. After all, our customers use our data to increase their yield at crop and product level, reduce their losses, optimize irrigation, improve storage, prevent disease risks, and reduce their energy consumption. This investment round proves how important our role is in this process."

Unlocking agronomic knowledge
The second major investment round was led by Rubio Impact Ventures. The investor says it is particularly impressed with how the plug-and-play platform makes complex data and knowledge accessible, regardless of the grower's existing systems or level of digitization.

Tijl Hoefnagels, Rubio's venture partner Food & Ag: "The agronomic data that 30MHz offers both high-tech and low-tech growers worldwide in an accessible, affordable, and remote way is indispensable in accelerating the digitization of the agricultural sector. In particular, the independence of the platform and the ability for growers to share their data with their own partners democratizes high-value knowledge not previously available to many growers worldwide. Ultimately, 30MHz makes it possible for more growers to grow more with less." 

PDENH is pleased to have 30MHz as an addition to its portfolio, says Bart Blokhuis, fund director, "With strong management and a unique and scalable proposition, 30MHz is poised to make a major commercial impact, but, equally important, to make an impact on sustainability in the agri-food sector by unlocking as much data and insights from customers as possible."

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