There is a striking new addition on the shelves at the Dutch PLUS supermarket in Brielle this week: pitahaya. It does not come from a tropical location, but from the greenhouse at Wageningen University & Research in Bleiswijk.

At the request of Dutch growers, a trial with the cultivation of the striking tropical fruit is running there. The first harvest from the trial can now be tasted and viewed.

Photos from the trial in the greenhouse in Bleiswijk

With the support of Innovatiefonds Hagelunie and Interpolis, the growers have been researching the possibilities of growing pitahaya in greenhouses for two years now, says Geert Visker of Vitensa. "It has taken a lot of work and the first fruits were a long time coming. Now that we have the fruit, we are taking the opportunity to see if consumers are interested. That is why they are now in the local supermarket around the corner. I heard from the supermarket manager yesterday that there has already been a response. Growers had the product for a few days, and then could do some evaluation."