Harvest House's grower Tabos Eco has always had an organic fruit-vegetable acreage of 7.9 hectares. Now, with the arrival of two new members - BioVerbeek and Horticultural Company Frank de Koning - and Vitensa's switch from cherry tomatoes to organic cultivation, Harvest House's organic acreage has grown to at least 36 hectares.  "It's a substantial expansion with which we're happy. It also ensures that by 2022, we'll be the one stop shop for organic fruit vegetables," reports the Dutch cooperative.

Photo: Harvest House

The fruit-vegetable specialist aspires to offer its clients a complete portfolio. They are a step closer to achieving this, as the two new members bring not only years of specialist experience, they add diversity to the range, too, says a Harvest house representative. Together, the four growers form the Harvest House Bio segment. It aims to jointly increase and further professionalize organic cultivation. They also want to serve the increasing market demand.

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