The Moroccan vegetable season is about to begin anew at Fruit Queen. This Dutch company exclusively markets bell peppers, chilies, and eggplants from Domaine Omar Mounir, and is the largest bell pepper grower in Morocco with 164 hectares and a nursery. The first shipment will arrive on November 15 and will be sold under the Pilpel label.

Tatsiana Lysenka

"This year, we're getting bell peppers of all colors, as well as white and red Capia bell peppers. There are also chilies, red, yellow, and orange Habaneros, and eggplants," says Tatsiana Lysenka. "What's unique this year is that we'll be washing, cleaning, and drying the bell peppers. That's not the norm in Morocco. Our customers can choose to get the bell peppers by either size or quantity per box."

"Also, we'll be packaging the bell peppers in telescopic boxes with a lid in response to our European customers' needs. That's a first for Morocco. We also use StePac bags, which lets us guarantee a longer shelf life for the vegetables. We hope to continue last year's success this year."

"We should market about 15 million kg this year. Moroccan bell peppers aren't yet as well known in the market as, for example, tomatoes, but last year, we proved that Morocco can also supply excellent quality bell peppers," says Tatsiana.

This importer reckons that, when it comes to bell peppers, Spain will be the biggest competitor. "That's always a healthy competition. Last year's Spanish bell peppers' quality was disappointing. It remains to be seen how that will develop this year."

"The Israeli product is hardly competing on the European market anymore. Those are mostly exported directly to Russia. What this year's prices will do depends on the weather and the market situation. We'll go with the flow of prices on the Dutch market," Tatsiana concludes.

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