A newly presented study on the evolution of high-performance technologies as well as the evolution of areas with greenhouses and solariums in Romania aimed, in particular, to identify farmers who have adopted high-performance technologies in order to increase tomato production.

The research team identified the high-performance greenhouses in Romania, especially those that grow tomatoes in them. They also identified the areas occupied by greenhouses and high tunnels, cultivated in a soilless system, on substrates or on the ground in some areas of Romania.

Data on the situation of areas declared with protected, by farmers, and beneficiaries of payments managed by APIA (Agency for Payments and Intervention in Agriculture) show that in 2020 there were a total surfaces 2889.2 ha of which 160.76 ha in greenhouse, 1750.28 ha in high tunnels, and 978.08 ha represented other types of protected cultures. "In the study we identified a total of 29,548 ha occupied by modern greenhouses that use unconventional technology, on nutrient substrates and 11.4 ha modern greenhouses that use conventional technology, some on the ground being ecologically accredited," the research concludes. 

"Modern shelters, greenhouses or high tunnels are an alternative to the constant supply of fresh vegetables. High-performance technologies demonstrate their efficiency in obtaining high yields per unit area but also by reducing the greenhouse effect," the researcher concludes. "In the study I made an analysis on the evolution of protected areas over time and after 1989. I came to the conclusion that in Romania the greenhouse areas covered the country's vegetable needs while also being exported. After 1989 the areas have decreased from one year to another so that the need for vegetables, especially tomatoes, is covered by imports." 

"In present, a return to production is being attempted to cover consumption needs. Through the new constructions and high-performance technologies, although the areas with built greenhouses are smaller, the efficiency being much better with the productions high of over 700 t/ha." 

Read the complete research at www.researchgate.net.

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