SunFresh Produce is one of the few businesses which sources organic fresh produce, covering fruits, vegetables, and salads to retail, wholesale, and operate their national box service in the UK.

The company works according to a Not-Just-For-Profit ethos; they achieve this by focusing on people, the planet, and doing business differently and thinking ahead. SunFresh was early with recognizing and becoming a certified B Corp business in the UK, meaning they meet the highest standard of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

"We have a 'one chance' business outlook - turning borrowed time into a sustainable future," said Matt Godfroy, Founder and CEO at SunFresh.

Matt believes stopping and reversing our planet's current environmental disaster need not be complex: it requires the removal of greed and working transparently to a shared goal. The effects of short-term trading have scarred the industry and need to evolve into meaningful partnerships.

Pikt box scheme
SunFresh launched Pikt in late September 2019. According to Matt, his primary retail customer was not keeping up with the shifting demand for organic produce. "From the research we conducted in 2018, other established providers didn't offer a solution to the problem, so we created We were fortunate as this was before the first Covid lockdown: during the first wave, sales increased 17500%, and in the past 12 months, it continues to deliver 144% T/O growth. Pikt boxes hold the Plastic Free Trust Mark Certification; the packaging we use meets tomorrow's needs while ensuring we keep the shortest residency time for the fresh produce."

Pikt maintains a daily stock of over 70 organic fruits, vegetables, and salads, making it the most comprehensive selection in the UK. Pikt customers can only purchase physical stock: as demand changes, so will product availability. Matt said, "it's a very dynamic system constantly changing, and for this reason, we are developing our own AI suite." 

"We help customers reduce food waste by portion controlling each item we sell; we talk in a simple language based on how we consume food. Two apples, two oranges, not 600g of apples or 1kg of oranges; how many do you receive in these pack formats? Retail consumer units are a contributing factor to food waste and are outdated when analyzing shopping habit frequency."

"Pikt boxes are delivered to the UK mainland and can be ordered up to one week in advance and be delivered any day you choose, making Pikt the fastest and most flexible provider in the UK," according to Matt.

"When it comes to pricing, Pikt differs from other providers as we focus on the right price for the grower and the customer. Our customer data demonstrates this point when you compare hidden charges for delivery, subscription models with catches, or the unmentioned food waste of receiving unwanted duplications of the same product in a box."

SunFresh is putting together a pitch deck and will start looking for investors in the coming months

Grotopia - Urban Farming & Education
Grotopia is working with a VF provider globally to bring the classroom to life with technology. The best part is students will visually learn and taste their produce in their curriculum. "We will be trialing Grotopia in Lincolnshire first; the platform will be ready to launch with retailers to grow and reduce their carbon footprint commercially at the local store level."

Liquid Nature
SunFresh is also busy with the Liquid Nature brand, which features Organic Red, White and Rose wines, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and an exceptional gin made locally in Lincolnshire.

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