For many years, North Bay Produce has been growing and shipping blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, and now, the company is adding strawberries to its berry lineup. “Over the past few years, we have received many customer requests to round-out our berry program,” says Ryan Lockman with North Bay Produce. “After looking at our business growth, freight efficiencies, and a desire to enhance our berry line up, it made sense for our company to move forward and add strawberries to our increasingly successful berry program.”

Mexico and Florida grown
The company’s winter strawberries are grown in Mexico, in the valley of Zamora in the center of Michoacan, and are available now. The valley has a favorable location with a mild temperate climate that protects the strawberries from the possibility of heavy rains and freeze events. Along with the geography of the region, technology over the past decade has also made Zamora one of the largest strawberry-producing regions in North America. Almost all the strawberries in this region are grown under high tunnels which protect the plants from unfavorable weather conditions and extend the harvest season during the winter months.

In addition to Mexico, North Bay will also be offering strawberries from Florida, from the Mount Dora region. A small amount of Florida berries will be offered this upcoming season with acreage expected to increase for the 2022/2023 season. The family of strawberry growers is made up of both new and existing North Bay growers.

Recyclable packaging
In 2019, the company joined BerrySustainable, a berry industry initiative with the goal to have 100% recycle-ready clamshells by 2025. To fulfill this initiative, all North Bay’s strawberries will be packed in recyclable clamshells. “We are continually looking towards innovations in packaging to give the consumer the best berry experience possible,” says North Bay’s Aaron Hunter. North Bay’s strawberries will be available out of McAllen Texas, the company’s Mid America Warehouse in Mascoutah, Illinois, as well as Florida. Promotions will be available for 1 lb. conventional and organic berries along with 2 lb. conventional berries.

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