From now on, customers will find fresh organic turmeric from Styria directly on the shelves at SPAR, EUROSPAR, and INTERSPAR. In order for the tropical delicacy to be grown in our country, special care is required: turmeric requires temperatures between 20 and 30°C all year round, as well as sufficient moisture. The "Young Wild Vegetable Farmers" are making cultivation possible, using special tunnels and an irrigation system in which the turmeric roots grow.

Turmeric originally comes from Southeast Asia, and is used as a spice, dye, medicine, and cosmetic. The spice is also an important ingredient in curry.

SPAR cooperation with the "Young Wild Vegetable Farmers"
In any case, SPAR customers do not need to sail around the world to get their hands on fresh organic turmeric: The "Junge Wilden Gemüsebauern" are growing the exotic root in Styria. "We are located 50 kilometers from the SPAR headquarters in Graz," says Irene Gombotz, one of two farmers who grows turmeric exclusively for SPAR. The roots are harvested by hand and delivered to SPAR the following day. The short transport routes are part of SPAR's sustainability strategy: "Fresh food directly from the region: that is good for the environment, it makes for added value and it supports regional agriculture," says Christoph Holzer, Managing Director of SPAR Styria and Southern Burgenland.

Styrian regionality on the SPAR shelf
The cooperation with the "Young Wild Vegetable Farmers" is a success for SPAR and for the farmers: "Last year we started with organic ginger, which was very successful," says Gombotz. "This year we're adding turmeric - the harvest starts in October." A total of four tons of turmeric harvest is expected this year. Due to the success of regional products, many SPAR and EUROSPAR stores are now getting a second additional "Styrian Regional Meter," where customers will find even more Styrian products in the future.

"If the quality is the same, we prefer to include Austrian products in our assortment. All our veal, beef, and pork come from Austria and bear the AMA seal of quality. In addition, 100% of the eggs, organic bread, and fresh milk come from Austria or the region, and over 90 Styrian bakers supply SPAR," Holzer emphasizes.