Tuinbouwcoöperatie Horticoop will be continuing its activities in its new form as an investment cooperative, in which members will receive a share. Horticoop will invest actively in businesses that contribute to the horticultural industry, and will thus become a platform for investment and development from which all stakeholders will profit: members, Horticoop businesses, and the industry. Wednesday the 1st of December 2021 will see the festive launch of 'the new Horticoop'.

For nearly 120 years, Horticoop has worked to ensure a stable future for the horticultural sector, collaborating with its members and associated businesses in the fields of lighting, climate, technology, and substrates. Horticoop's businesses, which include Lensli, Horticoop Technical Services, Smartcoat, and HortAmericas are domiciled both at home and abroad.

Investments in start-ups and scale-ups 
Horticoop is a cooperative with members in the greenhouse and horticultural industries. The cooperative is introducing a participation structure in which Horticoop's equity will be registered in the name of its members, enabling them to share in the profits, as well as making it clearer that they themselves can also contribute to the success of Horticoop businesses. As well as investing in its established businesses, Horticoop also plans to invest in start-ups and scale-ups. The cooperative will be investing 'smart money' in expertise, networking, and sales opportunities within the horticultural industry, so that Horticoop can offer its members sustained support in their business operations, as well as ensuring the future-proof growth of the industry – a win-win cooperative.

In order to enhance the mutual involvement of members in the cooperative, Horticoop organizes both physical and online meetings for members, enabling them to share expertise and experiences. This is not only essential for the members, but also for the industry as a whole. Members also have a say in the strategy of the cooperative and can share their views about future investments. 

Horticoop CEO Steven van Nieuwenhuijzen considers it his task to liaise, not just within the cooperative and between the cooperative and its members, but also between Horticoop and the various chain partners in the industry. He says: "If we perform well, member benefits and successful participation will go hand in hand, whereby it is made clear how members stand to gain."

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