Imagine having a light that does not only provide a more uniform light on the canopy, but also functions as anti-microbial. “We have been working on this light for quite a long time,” says Fazle Quazi, CEO of Boulderlamp. The company has indeed announced a new dual-function horticultural and anti-microbial LED combo light. “Thanks to top-notch technology, the PerfectPar DuoLight 4000 is capable of providing the most uniform light throughout the canopy as well as protection against pathogens.” But how does it work?

The concept behind the dual function LED
“When we sat down to design this, the first question we asked ourselves was: how can we provide more light to the sides of the plant?” he says. “Growers usually utilize supplemental lighting; yet, it goes without saying that setting up such a thing all around the cultivation might create a pretty cumbersome situation. To solve that, we decided to increase the light intensity coming from the top. But even then, the light beam would burn the plants if it stayed on for too long. So, the light beam moves across the fixture, and then it gets to the other one and so forth. Basically, it is moving in a sequential way.”

The technical term for this ‘trick’ is sequentially moving periodic light beam. “It’s opening new possibilities for many crops,” Fazle remarks. “Very bluntly put, the whole idea is to take the energy from the middle of the lamp, and let it move periodically throughout the lamp thus providing a more uniform and intense light.”

There is another interesting aspect to this light. “Research has shown that specific spectra have beneficial effects not only in terms of growing, but also and especially when it comes to crop protection,” Fazle continues. “Specifically, the very end of the blue, 395 to 405 nanometers. As said, 405 nanometers have been proved to be particularly effective as anti-microbial."

The dual function LED by Boulderlamp exactly capitalizes on this scientific discovery to provide growers with an additional way to fight pathogens early on in the cultivation process. “Thus, our new light basically can and should be implemented within a cultivation’s IPM regiment,” Fazle continues. “The whole idea is using anti-microbial light as a preventative tool to prevent molds or pathogens from showing up. This is particularly important for growers as it allows to feed light to plants while simultaneously boosting up their defenses, which is extremely valuable.”

Boulderlamp and Fazle will be showcasing their new dual-function horticultural light at the MJBizCon, booth #C5708

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