Besides vegetable plants and a wide range of flowering plant material, packaging and chrysanthemum cuttings also belong to the product range of the Beekenkamp Group. With its own trucks and more than 2 billion starting material per year, the Beekenkamp Group serves various national and international horticultural markets. 

From left to right: Peter Zaat, An Beekenkamp, Peter Persoon, Marc Driessen.

"What has become clear in 70 years is that you have to do things together in order to grow, everyone contributes to the success and further development of the company. This is why the 70th anniversary of the Beekenkamp Group is being appropriately celebrated with the employees this week," they say.

“An anniversary is not only a milestone to look back on, but also to look into the future full of ambition and energy. We hope to be able to realize great plans together in the coming years to further expand the Beekenkamp Group! Of course with a view to the future and with the strong family ties that characterize the Beekenkamp Group.” according to An Beekenkamp, Peter Persoon, Peter Zaat, and Marc Driessen.

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