Proterra Ag announces a new gel grow medium, HYPERroots™, which aims to enable propagators to achieve higher yields consistently with minimal OpEx. Testing in CEA and with conventional outdoor growers shows that, compared to other existing substrates, "HYPERroots reduce the amount of water required to grow food, and enable control and certainty about crop outcomes," the team with Proterra Ag announces. 

HYPERroots is ready to use and does not require preparation, a differentiator from many other grow mediums on the market today. The substrate is naturally pest and pathogen-resistant, resulting in the elimination of common pests such as fungus gnats, whiteflies, soil aphids, and thrips, and has almost no watering requirements.

This firm hydrogel substance is composed of water (98%) and natural organic material (2%). It is biodegradable, rapidly compostable, and organic.

Available in a variety of formats, sizes, and nutrient formulations, HYPERroots also offers custom nutrient recipes and formats to meet customer specifications. The gel is currently available across the US, Canada, and Mexico.

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