Under the motto "SAVING THE GOOD", BILLA is expanding the offer of the popular fruit and vegetable boxes which are already offered at eight Styrian BILLA stores, the Rewe Group reports. This means that from now on, diverse fruit and vegetable boxes full of perfectly good fruit and vegetables are available in 19 more BILLA stores for the price of €3, thus saving the produce from being thrown out.

BILLA Sales Director Peter Gschiel and BILLA Store Manager Elisabeth Heigl with the fruit & vegetable boxes. Photo: BILLA

In the spirit of sustainability, BILLA is once again fighting food waste: since July 2021, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables is put together into a colorful mix in eight selected BILLA stores in Styria and offered for sale for 3 euros per crate. Every vegetable and piece of fruit in the boxes is unpackaged, fresh, and of impeccable quality for consumption. This means that apples, peppers, plums, potatoes, bananas, and more will get a second chance, at a discounted price.

"Food is a valuable resource and therefore we see it as an important task to take responsibility and create more and more sustainable options in our daily shopping," says Peter Gschiel, Sales Director BILLA

Right: BILLA store manager Elisabeth Heigl and BILLA fresh produce manager Andrea Schlatzer are pleased with the popular fruit & vegetable boxes at BILLA. Photo: BILLA

As a food retailer, BILLA is concerned with avoiding food waste as much as possible. In 2020 alone, the BILLA family donated food worth around €22 million. Due to the positive customer response, the fruit and vegetable box offer will be expanded to another 19 locations in Styria and will also be offered in Burgenland for the first time.

"We are very pleased to be able to make a contribution to resource conservation and sustainability with this campaign", BILLA store manager Elisabeth Heigl and BILLA fresh produce manager Andrea Schlatzer agree. "The boxes are very well received by our customers; we get a lot of positive feedback that the boxes are a great idea to avoid food waste."

Right: The fruit & vegetable Kisterl are now available in 19 more BILLA stores in Styria and Burgenland. Photo: BILLA

A list of participating stores can be found here.