Bridge Greenhouses, appointed by main contractors SDC Builders, have recently begun construction on a very exciting new turnkey project at NIAB. The project consists of a new 2,304 m² glasshouse research facility, along with 1,965 m²  of polytunnels.

NIAB, located in Kent, England, has a history dating back to 1913 when it was established by the fruit growing sector to address the many challenges faced by growers. Since its establishment, the team at East Malling has introduced wide-ranging advances to horticulture which have shaped the way produce is grown and supplied to the consumer.

Images courtesy of SDC Builders Ltd. 

Today, NIAB's mission is to conduct strategic and applied research in horticultural and environmental sciences and to deliver knowledge, products, and services that benefit public and private customers.

The Bridge Greenhouses built glasshouse facility will feature a total of 21 growing compartments and will utilize Air Source Heat Pumps for the heating, as well as the latest in LED lighting technology in order to mimic multiple growth environments. Each of the research compartments will have full automatic climate control, using the screens, vents, heating, cooling, fans, grow lights, and irrigation systems to provide the desired growing conditions.

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