Netled has signed a deal to deliver one of its Vera Compact vertical farming systems to Poland-based Jeger Company, part of the Global Point Group. 

The Jeger Company was originally founded in Wroclaw, Poland, in 2012, as a producer of interior design products. Jeger is now expanding its portfolio to include fresh food production under the guidance of its owners who have previously developed food companies in Poland. Jeger intends to use the Vera Compact vertical farming system to produce leafy greens and herbs at first.

“As a company, we are very concerned with sustainability issues and the environment. As we expand our portfolio to include hyperlocal food for high-end grocery stores throughout Poland, we need an innovative food production system that matches our sustainability values, but can also produce the best quality food in high volumes. The Vera Compact vertical farming system fits our specifications perfectly.” says Thomasz Szelag, CEO of Jeger.

“The Vera Compact is the perfect system for Jeger who are starting to expand their food production offering. It will allow them to produce salads and herbs in the appropriate volumes for their existing customer base, and can be easily scaled up to match increased demand”, he adds.

“This is an important deal. It allows Jeger to produce food hyper-locally and with minimal emissions for grocery stores throughout Poland, and it strengthens Netled’s position as a key vertical farming technology provider in mainland Europe.”

For more information:
Jouko Riihonen
International Sales Manager
+358 40 1906227