Bayer has unveiled the “Vegetables by Bayer” brand platform, uniting two trusted brands, Seminis® and De Ruiter®, under one shared purpose with a new brand identity, positioning, and global website (

Seminis and De Ruiter have long provided solutions for customers in diverse open-field and protected environments. Now, they will join forces as part of “Vegetables by Bayer”.

“By bringing together world-class experts and resources from across Bayer, the new ‘Vegetables by Bayer' umbrella enables our Seminis and De Ruiter brands to provide value to our customers and partners in new and exciting ways,” said Darren Wood, Commercial Lead of Vegetable Seeds Australia and New Zealand at Bayer.

That value is reflected across four core pillars: partnership, innovation, performance, and sustainability.

Partnership: The recently opened De Ruiter Experience Center in Australia is one example of Bayer’s commitment to partnering with our local community in the produce industry. Utilizing a seven-meter-high purpose-built glasshouse in partnership with local grower SA Tomatoes, Vegetables by Bayer focuses on bringing the latest breeding, cultivation, and digital technologies for sustainable
tomato production under local growing conditions.

Innovation: New varieties within Bayer’s High Rise™ broccoli series grow tall and feature strong, clean stems with few large leaves and visible crowns that are firm and heavy. The uniform maturity, strong yield potential, and consistent product quality help growers to achieve efficient harvests through fewer harvest passes and the ability to adopt mechanized harvesting.

Performance: Bayer have developed a 360° virtual tour of the De Ruiter Experience Center where customers can experience and interact with all De Ruiter has to offer, remotely. We bring our customers direct access to all the latest varieties from overseas faster and provide opportunities for growers to collaborate on a regular basis to share knowledge or ask questions.

Sustainability: According to the FAO, approximately one-third of all food produced for human consumption globally is lost or wasted each year. With its Seminis and De Ruiter vegetable seeds, Bayer is committed to helping reduce food loss and waste, ensuring high-quality, nutritious produce reaches more consumers.

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