The agricultural industry is looking forward to rejoining Growtech 20th International Greenhouse, Agricultural Technology, and Livestock Equipment Fair between November 24 and 27, 2021. Heralding that all necessary preparations have been completed to reunite the industry for the 20th time with international markets, Mr. Engin Er, Growtech Fair Director said “60km2 fairground is fully booked. We will be hosting 600 brands from four continents and 20 countries in 6 halls at Growtech. Companies from Spain, the Netherlands, and Hungary will attend the fair at their special pavilions on a national basis. Our  farmers have devotedly continued to produce during this period, multiplying our exports exponentially. Growtech, as the world’s most important and the region’s strongest fair, will keep providing our agricultural industry with more driving force in exports”.

The Growtech 20th International Greenhouse, Agricultural Technology and Livestock Equipment Fair will be organized at Antalya Anfaş Fair Center between November 24 and 27, 2021 with a new motto: “Discover, Expand, Win!” The fair features 5 categories namely “Greenhouse & Irrigation Technologies”, “Seed Growing”, “Plant Nutrition & Protection”, “Agricultural Machinery and Equipment” and “Livestock”. Announcing that they are ready to reunite the industry for the 20th time with international markets, Mr. Engin Er, Growtech Fair Director, made evaluations about the latest developments in Fair and agricultural agenda.

Agricultural export hit the top in the first eight months
Er said “Turkey possesses a strong economy that sustains its growth despite difficult conditions all around the world. We ranked in first place in Europe and 7th place in the world for agricultural revenue in 2005-2019. 1982 varieties of crops were exported to 205 countries in 2020. According to the data provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, our agricultural industry has maintained steady growth for the last decade. Our farmers have continued to produce despite the pandemic. And we witnessed a historic peak in agricultural exports in the first eight months of 2021”.

Smart agricultural applications stand as the most powerful weapons for efficient production
Er continued: “Our country expects to reach up to USD 210 billion in exports by the end of the year. And our target for the year 2026 is USD 300 billion. Growtech has always been an export-focused fair and supported further growth of agricultural contribution to the national economy. It is clarified how important it is to become a self-sufficient country in ensuring food safety during these times. We all suffer from the negative effects of climate change. Smart agricultural applications and new generation irrigation methods are our most powerful weapons in mitigating the effects of these conditions on agricultural production and in improving efficiency. Therefore, we attach importance to introducing the latest developments in smart agricultural applications to the industry at Growtech. On the other hand, drought is one of the issues weighing down our producers. Two-third, i.e., 65% of the water used in Turkey is dedicated to agriculture. Unfortunately, wild irrigation is still applied in agriculture. Our new sponsor, Pressurized Irrigation Industrialists Association BASUSAD, will discuss in detail the significance of pressurized irrigation for sustainable agriculture under global warming conditions. Our agricultural industry is counting days and looking forward to meeting with required products and services and taking the opportunity of easy access to foreign markets again at Growtech in Antalya in November”.

Disruptions in the supply chain turned into opportunities in agriculture for Turkey
Underlining that the strategic position of Turkey, offering logistic advantages, and its production power are better recognized during the pandemic, Engin Er, Growtech Fair Director said “The wheels of the economy must turn. We have to seize every commercial opportunity in the best way possible. The new motto of Growtech, “Discover, Expand, Win!” offers our agricultural industry to boost its potential to the highest level possible. There are countless new market opportunities to discover thanks to our power in agriculture. Growtech is ready to expand our industry, our economy and to win and make everyone win focusing on these markets."

Spain, Netherlands, and Hungary to make national attendance at special pavilions
Emphasizing the ever-greater need for a stronger economy, Engin Er added: “The most effective way to reach this target is export. 12.8 percent of our exports were performed by our agricultural industry in the first eight months of the year. This figure clearly reveals the growth power of this industry and what it is capable of performing in exports. Certain companies will make national attendance at special pavilions in Growtech. And by tradition, we are organizing the Buying Committee Program with the support of West Mediterranean Exporters Union (BAİB).”

HES Code, Vaccination Card, and PCR test for the unvaccinated required to enter the fairground
Exhibitors and visitors will be required to show HES code, vaccination card, or PCR test for the last 48 hours for the unvaccinated to enter Growtech International Agricultural Fair to be organized at Antalya Anfaş Fair Center between November 24 and 27, 2021. AllSecure Standards, developed by Informa, the world’s largest event organizer, will be applied during the fair to ensure a healthy and safe fairground based upon ‘Cleanliness & Hygiene’, ‘Physical Distance’ and ‘Detection and Protection’.

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