Lamboseeds has introduced new tomato varieties over the past few months, developed thanks to breeding activities that lasted a decade. At Macfrut, Sandro Colombi represented the company with an exhibition that impressed operators.

"We eliminated the distance between researchers and consumers. For our latest varieties, we focused on what is required by consumers, as they are the ones who determine if a variety is successful. Producers who accepted our challenge now grow tomatoes that stand out and obtain better prices. To achieve this, we started with old varieties, safeguarding biodiversity and obtaining something unique," explained Colombi.

The color is particularly remarkable and makes the products very appealing.

Yields are lower compared to mass products, but demand is increasing, and prices are skyrocketing. "Less produce does not mean a lower gross saleable production. Profits actually increase because, as we strongly believe, the whole chain has something to gain if producers make a profit. Though it is necessary to be able to present the product, make its uniqueness stand out and focus on its exclusive characteristics." 

It is not easy growing tomatoes that are so small and perfect that they look like pearls. "It is true, highly professional producers are needed, and the tomatoes cannot be cultivated just anywhere, only where the soil and weather are suitable. This is still a niche segment, but one characterized by a deep flavor, umami, high Brix level, and glutamic acid." 

The first thing that stands out is the color: deep yellow and orange or 'brindled'. "The new key concept for tomatoes is, therefore, to stand out, focusing on product differentiation in order to be sought after by clients."

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