The complex built in accordance with Dutch technologies will grow vegetables all year round.

The construction cost amounted to 17826450 Euro. 15% of the overall amount was covered by own funds and 85% were received as an easy loan from the Agrarian Credit Corporation. “We started carrying over the project in December 2019. In this greenhouse, cucumbers and tomatoes will be grown with hydroponic technologies. The greenhouse was constructed by specialists from the Netherlands, and they also supplied seeds and fertilizers. We are planning to grow 7 thousand tons of vegetables per year. We are aiming at selling the produce in the republic and neighboring regions of the Russian Federation. The prices will be lower than the market ones”, announced the director of the greenhouse complex World Green Company, Mr. Murat Ibragimov.

The complex consists of two big greenhouses with an acreage of 5 and 5.6 ha. About 170 local workers will be engaged in the production process.

The greenhouse complex is located in the village Novenky of Bayterek region. The first crops are planned to be yielded in October.