Tomato clips and truss supports that are easy to work with, have a long lifespan and offer an amazing price-quality ratio. These Simonetti products are now available for customers in the Netherlands, Canada, and Germany. The Italian producer has signed an exclusive partnership with Hortus Supplies International. "Having been tested for several years by select growers, the products have proven themselves in practice and have already been applied to over 500 acres of plants," the team says. 

Hortus Supplies International is a one-stop-shop that provides growers with everything to grow their flowers, plants and fruits and improve their yield. Founded by experienced growers, Hortus is always expanding its product offering to better service its longstanding customers. They say the partnership with Simonetti for the exclusive distribution of their  tomato clips and truss supports is an exciting step for the company:

“This partnership is the logical next step after years of product testing and analysis,” says Area Manager Randor Cena. “The growers who have been using the Simonetti products are not simply happy, they have been putting in new orders the whole time. These products have an great price quality ratio, are easy to work with, and are made of 100% recycled material that offers good UV resistance. What more could you want? I am proud that we can now make these products available to our whole customer base.”

Tomato clips and truss supports
Hortus has been working with a select group of growers to test every practical aspect of these products in at-scale production. The tomato clips and truss supports are, at this moment, supporting over 500 acres of plants. Feedback of the growers was positive and noted how easy to work the products were due to the good clip mechanism and how firmly the clip grabs onto the wire. 

Product specifications
Made out of 100% virgin polypropylene or biodegradable material, the products are available in four colours: white, transparent, black, and terracotta. Custom colours are an option for larger customers. Tomato clips are available in the following sizes: 15 mm, 23 mm and 25mm.

The Simonetti tomato clips and truss supports are now available for order by customers in the Netherlands, Canada (excluding Quebec), and Germany through your contact at Hortus.

For more information: 
Randor Cena 

Hortus Supplies International
T: +31 297 52 49 19