In Belgium and the Netherlands, there is a reduced supply of tomatoes, resulting in higher prices. That is thanks to a combination of the tomato virus and bad weather. So, Rotom Tomatoes is supplying fewer export tomatoes than in previous years. "Countries like Spain are opting for more home production and Portuguese tomatoes. This is because of the high prices," says the company's Philippe Degré.

High demand for tomatoes
"We currently have winter, not summer prices. A box of beef tomatoes sold for €18 last week. That price has since dropped a little. But there's a very high demand for tomatoes at the moment. Prices will, therefore, climb again."

Rotom and Orca in full expansion
Rotom Tomatoes is a Belgian family business located in the heart of that country's vegetable region. It is building new production and storage warehouses and an office. "This will allow our company to grow further," Philippe concludes. The site should be ready for use by the end of this year.

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