The correct tutoring of plants in greenhouses is synonymous with efficiency, optimal management, yields and helps save time and labor. The latter is something that all agricultural entrepreneurs have introduced to their business processes. Not everyone, though, has had the chance to experiment the innovative tutoring system patented by SIA Sicilia Group.

Alessandro Avarino

It is an entirely reliable system that facilitates tying saving time and making the disposal of vegetation at the end of the production phase easier. The system is appreciated and demanded by the leading European countries.

"Producers have observed the technical soundness of our Ideal Tutor. The system reduces working hours guaranteeing a correct tying and favoring growth. Working conditions also improve, as operators are not forced to maintain difficult postures for hours," explained  administrator Alessandro Avarino.

The tutoring system

"Tutoring in greenhouses is usually carried out via nylon strings to which plants are hooked. This practice, necessary to guarantee the regular development of plants, requires considerable labor with significant production costs. What is more, further stabilization and repeated operations are necessary over time." 

Ideal Tutor is made up of a structure consisting of polyethylene strings used for the most popular crops: tomatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, etc. The system is very versatile and is supplied in various options when it comes to string size, distancing, etc. There is also a wide range of hooks available. The system is complete with coils to predetermine the total height and distances between strings. Only two work units are needed for installation. 

The system being installed

"The new Ideal Tutor Dinamic system is essentially the same but features a modular truss system so crop height can be lowered between 30 and 60 cm per module. The operation can be carried out multiple times, so the crop can growth further. This way, the vegetative-productive life of the crop can be lengthened thus increasing its productivity without having to replant it at a higher cost."

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